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Adventure Tours New Zealand

Adventure Tours New Zealand

Where do you want to start your travel in New Zealand?

Australian States:
Northern Territory
New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia

New Zealand is a temperate to sub-tropical island nation with every activity and view that a traveller could ask for! Move from one island to the other experiencing the great beaches, Maori culture and geothermal activity in the north to seeing the most stunning snow-capped mountains, fjords and glaciers in the south. Get ready to have the most amazing adventure across this beautiful country.

North Island Explorer Southbound 12 Day North Island Explorer Southbound
Auckland to Christchurch
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New Zealand Explorer Southbound 22 Day New Zealand Explorer Southbound
Auckland to Christchurch
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South Island Explorer 11 Day South Island Explorer
Christchurch to Christchurch
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North Island Explorer 12 Day North Island Explorer - Northbound
Christchurch to Auckland
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Total New Zealand 22 Day New Zealand Explorer Northbound
Christchurch to Auckland
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Planning your travel

Adventure Tours Australia has a large number of tours and packages available to choose from.

To select the right tour or combination of tours, perhaps consider these relevant questions: How much time do you have?

Use the Travel Planner to schedule tours and and connecting travel. What type of accommodation on tour best suits you?

Selecting the right tour to suit you

With each tour you will find the use of icons to demonstrate the type of fitness required, accommodation you will stay in and vehicles you will travel in. These key features of the tour will help you understand what you can expect on tour.

Here are the icons and the sort of accommodation they typify:

Fitness Guide

While there are few age restrictions on our tours, general good health and a positive attitude are essential and we reserve the right not to carry persons that may endanger themselves or others whilst on tour.

Fitness Hikes up to 5kms per day (basic fitness required)
Fitness Hikes up to 6-8kms per day.
Fitness Hikes up to 9kms or more per day. Tours graded with ‘3 Boots’ are only suitable for very fit people who enjoy basic bush camping and can hike 5-9kms a day over uneven terrain often in high temperatures.
Fitness Only the 3 day Kakadu 'Unleashed' safari is rated 3 boots+. This is because of the demanding nature of the walks.


Mini bus
Minibus Maximum 24 front facing seats, air-conditioned vehicle
4 Wheel Drive Truck
Big 4WD 16, 17 or 20 forward facing seats, air-conditioned vehicle
Big 4WD
9 seat 4 Wheel Drive
4WD Troop Carrier Side-facing seats, air-conditioned vehicle9 seat
4WD Troop Carrier
Coach 45 seat bus, air-conditioned vehicle


Motel/Lodge accommodation:
Motel Rawnsley Park - SA upgrade accommodation Generally 2-3 star standard with private facilities
Hostel accommodation:
Hostel Dorm or Twin/Double rooms with shared facilities
Safari in Style - Deluxe campsite:
Safari in Style Large permanent twin share tents with beds, pillows, linen, towels, fans, permanent cooking facilities, share showers and toilets.
Safari in Style
Permanent Campsites:
Permanent Campsite Permanently erected tents (multi-share), permanent cooking facilities and purpose-built fire pits, share showers and toilets.
Permanent Campsite
Semi-permanent Campsites:
Semi-Permanent Campsite Tents must be erected by guide and passengers, share showers and toilets, no cooking facilities except those carried on the vehicle.
Semi-Permanent Campsite
Bush Camps:
Bush Camp No facilities. Passengers sleep in swags (Aussie bedroll). The tour will stop along the way at road houses for clients to have a shower.
Bush Camp

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